About Us

Designs By King has been a family owned and operated pageantry arts supplier since 1988. Though we offer all types of Color Guard equipment, (i.e. rifles, flagpoles, floor covers) sabres have been our main focus during the past 30 years. For the last fifteen years Designs By King has supplied "King Sabre" products to the majority of the World Class competitors. Programs such as Pride of Cincinnati, St. Ann's, Blessed Sacrament, Emerald Marquis, San Jose Raiders, The Vanguard, Alliance of Miami, The Cadets, Blast, Boston Crusaders, Patriots, Northern Lights, Phantom Regiments, Blue Coats, and over 2500 additional color guards continue to use our products. In 2007 we introduced the King Rifle. To date, over 5000 King Rifles are in use throughout the USA. Customer Service is at the top of our priority list. Perhaps we have a better understanding of your needs, due to being WGI medallist instructors. Wouldn't you prefer to purchase sabre products from nationally known sabre instructors? It is with this understanding that we approach any and all customer service needs.
After many years of realizing the traditional balance point of a rifle, (regardless of vendor) King set out to create the perfectly balanced rifle. With three full-time years of Designing, the KONG rifle was born. The goals of the  KONG rifle were to create a much lighter, faster spinning, better balance point shape.
During the process, it was discovered by working on the first three goals, it inherently meant that the rifle would become much stronger than any rifle available on the market. This was accomplished by use of an internal mechanism for strengthening.
 Today, the KONG rifle is taking over the rifle industry with top programs such as Pride of Cincinnati, Blessed Sacrament,  Tarpon Springs, Carmel High School, 

Our Mission Statement: Our primary focus is to create, fabricate, and market World Class color guard products, while providing unparalleled customer service. In addition, it is our intent to offer quality and value to the world of pageantry arts.